Cimarron Sports Batting Cage Net #60 Twisted Poly Batting Cage Net | Cimarron Sports
Cimarron Sports Batting Cage Net #60 Twisted Poly Batting Cage Net | Cimarron Sports
Cimarron Sports Batting Cage Net #60 Twisted Poly Batting Cage Net | Cimarron Sports
Cimarron Sports Batting Cage Net #60 Twisted Poly Batting Cage Net | Cimarron Sports
Cimarron Sports Batting Cage Net #60 Twisted Poly Batting Cage Net | Cimarron Sports

#60 Twisted Poly Batting Cage Net

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Cimarron Sports | #60 Twisted Poly Batting Cage Net

The #60 Batting Cage Net is an all-star among batting cages, renowned for its exceptional durability and performance. Designed for teams and organizations committed to excellence, this batting cage net offers unmatched strength and reliability, making it a best seller for those seeking top-quality practice solutions.

Key Features:

  • 3.0 mm Net Twine: Built with 3.0 mm net twine, the #60 Batting Cage Net offers superior durability and strength, making it ideal for heavy use in team practices and training sessions. This heavy-duty construction ensures long-lasting performance and reliability, even under the most rigorous conditions.
  • Truck-Line Shipping: Due to its weight, the #60 Batting Cage Net ships truck-line on a pallet, ensuring safe and secure delivery to your location. This shipping method ensures that the batting cage net arrives in excellent condition, ready for installation and immediate use.
  • Premium Polymer Blend Construction: Manufactured with a premium polymer blend, the batting cage net is engineered for all-weather durability, providing reliable performance in various environmental conditions. Its robust construction ensures that it can withstand prolonged exposure to the elements without degradation, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • UV Treatment: The batting cage net is treated with UV protection to shield it from harmful sun rays, preventing degradation and ensuring prolonged use without deterioration. This feature enhances the net's longevity, making it suitable for extended outdoor use without compromising its performance.
  • Waterproof and Abrasion-Resistant: Engineered to be waterproof and abrasion-resistant, the net will not shrink over time, ensuring consistent performance and reliability. Its sturdy construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of daily use, providing a durable solution for batting practice.
  • Twisted and Knotted Twine Construction: Constructed of twisted and knotted twine, the batting cage net offers maximum strength and long-lasting performance. This ensures that the net can withstand the impact of balls being hit or thrown at high speeds, providing a safe and secure practice environment.
  • Hassle-Free Entry Door: Accessing the batting cage is hassle-free, thanks to the 4' wide overlapping entry door located on the width side of the net. This convenient feature allows players to enter and exit the batting cage with ease, facilitating uninterrupted practice sessions.
  • Reinforcing Full Rope Border: The batting cage net features a reinforcing full rope border, allowing the net to be securely tied and squared off for added stability. This ensures that the net remains taut and secure during use, minimizing sagging and ensuring consistent performance.
  • Top Rope Support: Three top ropes running the length of the net provide additional support and minimize sag, ensuring that the net maintains its shape and integrity over time. This feature enhances the overall stability and durability of the batting cage net, providing a reliable practice solution for players.
  • Compatibility: It is recommended to utilize the Premium ¼” Cable Kit or a 2" Commercial Batting Cage Frame with the #60 Batting Cage Net for optimal installation and performance.
  • Batting Cage Net Only: Please note that this product includes the batting cage net only, and the frame is sold separately. This allows for flexibility in setting up the batting cage according to specific needs and space requirements.

Elevate your team's practice sessions with the #60 Batting Cage Net, offering unmatched durability, performance, and reliability for organizations committed to excellence in training and skill development. With its heavy-duty construction and thoughtful design features, this batting cage net is the perfect choice for those seeking a premium practice solution.

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