Discover Akadema: The Pinnacle of Baseball and Softball Innovation

      Akadema isn’t just another sporting goods supplier; it’s a game-changer in the world of baseball and softball equipment. Born from a profound understanding of the game, Akadema designs cutting-edge gear that elevates performance at every level—from professional athletes to college, high school, and dedicated youth players. In less than a decade, Akadema has surged to become one of America's hottest baseball and softball equipment companies, and this is only the beginning.

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      Revolutionary Beginnings

      The Akadema story began with former professional baseball player and co-founder Lawrence Gilligan, who identified a lack of innovation in baseball gloves. Together with his brother Joe, they launched Akadema to create groundbreaking gloves that enhance a player's performance. Joining them was Kris Totten, another former pro player, to further bolster the company's expertise.

      Innovative Gear Trusted by Legends

      Among Akadema’s pioneering products is the revolutionary Reptilian glove, a near fingerless infielder’s glove that ensures a quicker and smoother ball transfer. Another standout is the innovative catcher’s mitt featuring “stress wedge” technology, developed with Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter. Akadema's commitment to innovation has also attracted the expertise of baseball legends like Ozzie Smith and Carl Yastrzemski, resulting in some of the most advanced sports equipment available.

      American-Made Excellence

      A significant portion of Akadema's gear is proudly made in the USA, embodying quality and craftsmanship. This dedication to excellence helps athletes of all ages bring their “A Game” to the field, achieving new heights in their performance.

      Consulting the Best to Create the Best

      At Akadema, the philosophy is straightforward: to make the best sports equipment, you consult the best athletes. This approach has solidified Akadema’s reputation for producing innovative, high-performance gear that meets the needs of today’s competitive players.

      Why Choose Akadema?

      • Innovative Baseball and Softball Equipment: Cutting-edge designs that enhance performance.
      • Expert-Driven Development: Created in collaboration with former and current professional players.
      • American Craftsmanship: High-quality gear made in the USA.
      • Trusted by Legends: Endorsed and designed with the input of baseball greats like Ozzie Smith and Carl Yastrzemski.

      Elevate your game with Akadema—where innovation meets performance. Explore our collection today and join the ranks of athletes who trust Akadema to bring out their best on the field.

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