Pocket Radar - Universal Mount for Sports Radar
Pocket Radar - Universal Mount for Sports Radar
Pocket Radar - Universal Mount for Sports Radar
Pocket Radar - Universal Mount for Sports Radar
Pocket Radar - Universal Mount for Sports Radar
Pocket Radar - Universal Mount for Sports Radar
Pocket Radar - Universal Mount for Sports Radar
Pocket Radar - Universal Mount for Sports Radar
Pocket Radar - Universal Mount for Sports Radar

Universal Mount for Sports Radar

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Pocket Radar | Universal Mount for Sports Radar

Elevate your radar experience with the Universal Mount – a versatile sports radar accessory designed to accommodate various configurations and applications. This flexible mount is specifically crafted for use with the Smart Coach Radar (with Companion App) and the Ball Coach Radar, offering multiple uses to suit your training or monitoring needs.

Key Features:

  1. Universal Compatibility: The Universal Mount seamlessly holds both the radar and your smartphone, allowing you to mount them on a standard tripod. Whether you're a coach, athlete, or trainer, this versatile accessory adapts to your preferred setup for optimal performance.
  2. Radar and Power Pack Configuration: Explore the convenience of mounting the radar alongside a USB power pack on a standard tripod. This configuration ensures extended usage without worrying about power constraints, ideal for longer training sessions or monitoring periods.
  3. Adjustable Grip: The mount stretches up to 3.5", providing a secure grip on devices of varying sizes. Effortlessly secure your radar, phone, or power pack with confidence, knowing that the Universal Mount adapts to your specific equipment.
  4. Fence (Backstop) Compatibility: Take advantage of the Universal Mount's ability to grip the fence (backstop), offering a stable and elevated position for your radar. This feature is perfect for baseball or softball training scenarios.
  5. Free-Standing Convenience: Enjoy the freedom to set up your radar on a bucket or the hockey ice with the Universal Mount's free-standing capability. Achieve the perfect angle and positioning for accurate readings during your training sessions.
  6. Image Examples on the Page: Explore the product page to view image examples showcasing the versatility of the Universal Mount in various configurations. Gain inspiration on how to optimize your radar setup for different sports and training environments.
  7. Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Universal Mount ensures durability and reliability in diverse settings. Trust in its robust design to withstand the rigors of regular use.
  8. 1-Year Warranty: Your satisfaction is our commitment. The Universal Mount comes with a 1-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the durability and performance of your purchase.

Experience the adaptability of the Universal Mount and revolutionize the way you use your Smart Coach Radar or Ball Coach Radar. From tripod mounting to fence gripping, this accessory offers endless possibilities for enhancing your training or monitoring sessions. Elevate your radar experience with the Universal Mount – where flexibility meets precision.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Feltman

Pretty handy and I use it every time I throw or hit.

Thomas Limanek
Universal Mount simplifies Pocket Radar for disc golf throws

Since I use a net and need the pocket radar to work continuously, having a good mounting spot and a battery pack is critical. The universal mount makes it very easy to position the pocket radar on a tripod with the battery pack securely in place. No hassle balancing, taping, rubber banding, just snap them in and they stay securely in the universal mount. I left it setup on its own for an hour at our putting league and never had to adjust. Really makes it easy to practice disc golf throws. Thanks Ezra for the tip!

David Davis
Love it! Great tool for disc golf

Seeing immediate results for better or worse in form changes is game changer. Taking all of the other variables out of the equation and focusing on speed. We have it setup in our basement with a 10x7 net

Martty Heelam
Pocket radar

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