Sports Attack Machines and Accessories Hack Attack and I-Hack Attack Hack Attack Softball Team Feeder | Sports Attack
Sports Attack Machines and Accessories Hack Attack Softball Team Feeder | Sports Attack
Sports Attack Machines and Accessories Junior Hack Attack Hack Attack Softball Team Feeder | Sports Attack
Sports Attack Machines and Accessories Hack Attack Softball Team Feeder | Sports Attack

Hack Attack Softball Team Feeder

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Sports Attack | Hack Attack Softball Team Feeder

Elevate your softball and baseball training with the innovative Team Feeder with Wireless Remote, designed for use with the Hack Attack, I-Hack Attack, and Junior Hack Attack pitching machines. This upgraded 75-ball capacity feeder brings a host of advanced features and a sleek design to amplify your practice sessions, providing continuous hitting time, variable speed ball delivery, and a range of enhancements for a superior training experience.

Key Features:

  1. Wireless Remote Control: The Team Feeder now boasts a compact and user-friendly wireless remote control. Enjoy the convenience of "on/off" control from anywhere on or near the field, providing flexibility and ease of operation.

  2. Variable Speed Ball Delivery: Customize your practice with the variable speed setting, ranging from approximately 6 to 12 seconds. This feature adds versatility to your training, allowing hitters to face a dynamic and challenging sequence of pitches.

  3. Large Motor Cover: Enhance safety and protect the feeder motor from potential damage caused by errant balls. The large motor cover ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

  4. Non-slip Belt: The ribbed feeder barrel belt ensures smooth rotation, promoting consistent ball delivery. This non-slip belt feature contributes to the reliability and precision of the feeding mechanism.

  5. Continuous Ball Vision: The feeder chute provides hitters with continuous ball vision, replicating game-like conditions. This enhances the training experience, offering a realistic sense of timing from the feeder through the pitching machine.

  6. Safety Warning Light: A front-facing safety warning light notifies hitters when the feeder is actively feeding balls, enhancing safety and awareness during practice sessions.

  7. Anti-jam Agitation: The anti-jam agitation system ensures a constant flow of balls, preventing jams and interruptions during practice. This feature contributes to the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the feeder.

  8. Solid Tripod Feeder Base: The feeder is supported by a robust tripod base, providing stability and strength to prevent unit movement during operation. This sturdy construction ensures a reliable and consistent feeding mechanism.

  9. Heavy-duty Steel Construction: Built with heavy-duty steel construction and a superior gear head motor, the feeder guarantees years of trouble-free service, making it a dependable investment for your training needs.

  10. Weather-resistant Powder Coating: The feeder features a weather-resistant powder coating, protecting it against the elements. This ensures durability and suitability for use in various weather conditions.

Upgrade your softball and baseball training experience with the NEW Team Feeder with Wireless Remote. Order now to enjoy the benefits of variable speed ball delivery, wireless remote control, and a range of improvements designed to elevate your practice sessions.

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